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The Mended Pearl Experience

Highlighting Natural Beauty

    Is there any jewel as captivating as a polished pearl? While diamonds and rubies form in the ground, pearls develop as the result of sand irritating the sensitive inner part of an oyster. Rather than try to remove what is hurting it, the oyster covers the irritant in layer upon layer of nacre, an iridescent coating, until a beautiful pearl is left in its place.  

     When used for jewelry, pearls distinguish themselves from other jewels yet again. While gemstones are their most beautiful the day they leave the store, pearls only grow more beautiful with use. Unlike sapphires, garnet, and other stones, pearls can be mended in the case of damage and become more lustrous with use.

    We are all pearls. In our own lives we can testify that pain produces growth. Let us all take the time to step back and appreciate how we have grown and to realize that our beauty only increases with time and the special attention of our great Caretaker... this is the basis of the name Mended Pearl.

   The Mission of Mended Pearl is to serve women on significant days of their lives by helping them to see the beauty they possess. Cosmetics and cameras are simply tools that can be used to highlight the radiance women possess. Sometimes just a little lipstick can be the polish that helps a pearl shine. 


Looks Tailored to Your Needs, Style, and Budget

Unlike beauty stores or chains that must use specific brands or push you to buy product to help them reach a quota, I have the ability to work closely with you to craft the perfect look for your big day while staying within your budget. 

Bridal Makeup

Love Your Look

    He already thinks you are gorgeous, we want you to feel that way too! This day is for you and your makeup regime should be as unique as you are. From booking to the day of the wedding, you will have the ear and creative mind of your Makeup Artist as you plan out your dream look.

    A Bridal Makeup booking includes one Makeup Trial at the bride's convenience and customized full-face look the day of the wedding. Leading up to the trial and wedding, the bride will have access to her makeup artist to discuss products and looks for herself and her wedding party and to answer any questions!  You should be confident and comfortable with your service- think of us as your go-to friend...who just happens to be fully stocked with all the beauty goods.

Event Makeup

Confidence is Radiant

    Nothing boosts confidence and excitement for a big event like a make-over! We want to make your makeup dreams a reality while making it affordable with an assortment of pricing options! From Prom, to Senior Pictures, to that High School Reunion, let your Makeup Artist be your go-to girl to help you shine!


Capture the Moment

     Just as watercolor and acrylic painting, photography is a form of art that allows you to capture and hold onto the feeling of a moment in time. Whether you are celebrating your senior year, welcoming a new member of the family, looking forward from an engagement, or simply want to mark a special time in your life, we want to help create a memory that you will always cherish in a style that is uniquely yours.


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Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4

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